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WED Book


If you are a DIY bride or hiring a wedding planner -  this is the resource for you!  We know it will be your #1 tool for planning your wedding.


Our WED Book offers an arrangment of various services in your area for your wedding. Choose from multiple vendors that include everything from music to cake to decorations. 

The WED book is your dream guide book to help you succeed in having the perfect wedding.

Our WED Book is available in both digital and hard copies. AND there are multiple W-E-D Book Resource Tools to choose from! 

When you purchase our WED Book you will receive the online Ebook version of the WED Book. We will then ship the WED book to you as a leather bound planner with a flash drive containing the WED Book.

We hope this will help you produce the best wedding possible. Contact us today for more info on what is included! 


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